Great salsa, both red and green!

“Great salsa, both red and green!  Great tortillas!  Migas were good, but I’m used to them being cheesier.  That doesn’t mean that what I am used to is more authentic, by any means…I  can’t say that I’ve actually had Migas in MEX.   But I HAVE had Tacos al Pastor in Mexico City and fell in love.  Since I returned, I have been searching for the most authentic Tacos al Pastor in Austin and, so far, these are the best I have found.  Yum!  Just the right amount of onion and cilantro on top of the most wonderfully flavored pork and a warm homemade corn tortilla, with a squeeze of lime to top it off.  Yum…I’m am fantasizing about it right now.  Go there for the delicious, authentic Mexican food. Don’t worry about appearances.  It is definitely a hole in the wall and shares a convenience store building.  But, I find that the holes in the wall have the best food,  am I right?”

– Debbie C